Walker Base Tape in 1'' x 6 Yards | Repair Small Tears or Holes in Your Hair System Base

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Base Tape is a single-sided tape, and it is designed to repair any tears or holes that you have with your thin or delicate hair toupees’ bases. It works for all kinds of base materials.

How to repair a toupee base using Base Tape:
First, you need to clean the base thoroughly and let it dry completely. With the hair system base facing up, pin it down onto a foam mannequin head.
Get any hair out of the way before you repair the base, and flatten the tear as much as you can.
Take the Base Tape and cut a piece that is slighter larger than the tear. Place the tape over the hole or tear, and firmly press or rub it on to the base material.
If the patch is in an area where you normally apply adhesive, you can apply bonding tape or liquid adhesive over the patch once it’s fully dry.
To deal with any small tears or holes that you might have with your thin poly or fragile lace units, Walker Base Tape can be used to repair this, and it gives you time to order a new one to replace your damaged hair system.

Please kindly note that this Base Tape cannot be used as the only bonding tape for your hair system.

When there is hair shortage going on right now, this Base tape becomes extremely important. If you have a small tear in your base, you can get at least a few extra weeks out of it with the help of Base Tape. Then you have the time to buy a new one to be a replacement. 


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