Hair Replacement Training in California, US | One Day Hands-on Certification Training

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Time: July 10, 2023

Location: 14216 Whittier blvd, Whittier, CA 90605

Salon: BanxStudio

TrainerAngel Davalos

Introduction of Angel:

Angel is the owner of Barbershop by Banxstudio. A barber of 13 yrs who takes pride in his work, a professional perfectionist. He believes every client has different needs which brought him to hair systems and Scalp micropigmentation 3 years ago where he learned to create natural and undetectable hair systems that not even barbers can identify. He also provides skin and scalp care for his clientele. Angel loves a client transformation and helping people regain their confidence.

Training outline:

1. Introduction to hair replacement systems

A. Introduction to non-surgical hair replacement options

B. Benefits and limitations of hair replacement systems

2. Understanding different hair replacement methods

A. Hairpieces and wigs

B. Hair extensions and weaves

C. Topical hair loss concealers

D. Scalp Micropigmentation

E. Comparison of various methods

3. Essential skills and techniques

A. Client consultation and assessment

B. Proper measurement and fitting of hair systems

C. Selecting the right hair color, texture, and density

D. Understanding different attachment methods

E. Styling techniques

4. Hair system application and maintenance

A. Step-by-step guide to applying hair replacement systems

B. Adhesive and tape application techniques

C. Cleaning and maintaining hairpieces and wigs

D. Regular maintenance routines for longevity

E. Troubleshooting common issues

5. Client care and communication

A. Building rapport with clients

B. Sensitivity and empathy towards hair loss concerns

C. Managing client expectations and addressing concerns

D. Educating clients on aftercare and lifestyle adjustments

E. Providing ongoing support and follow-up

6. Q&A session and final assessment

A. Open forum of questions and clarification

B. Final assessment to test knowledge and skills acquired

C. Feedback and evaluation of participants

D. Distribution of certificates of completion

Workshop KIT provided for the course 

  • 1 LaVivid Hair System
  • 1 LaVivid Product catalog
  • 1 Measuring Tape
  • 1 Glue Brush

Upon completion of the training class, LaVivid ensures that students can access wholesale accounts. Furthermore, LaVivid extends continuous support to certified salons and stylists, encompassing comprehensive product knowledge, swift responsiveness, and guidance for hair system orders. Additionally, we also promote your hair system-related videos on LaVivid's social media platforms, and we are more than willing to refer our clients to your establishment for professional installation and maintenance of their hair systems, further bolstering your clientele and business development.


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1. Kopf oben rasieren


2. Bereiten Sie die Kopfhaut für die Installation vor.


3. Klebebänder oder Klebstoff auftragen.


4. Das Haarsystem anbringen.


5. Die Basis bei Bedarf zuschneiden.


6. Schneiden und stylen