One-day Hair System Training | Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Certification

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8:45-9:15: Registration


  •        About Emily and the team
  •        About Lavivid
  •        Training kit


  1.        Facts about hair growth and men’s hair loss
  •        Facts about how hair grows and what factors stop hair from growing. Illustrating different hair loss patterns like receding hairline, thinning hair, male pattern baldness and the causes.
  •        Anagen, Catagen, Telogen phase
  •        Testosterone and DHT- men’s thinning.
  •        Things that cause men’s hair thinning whey protein, creatine, steroid usage.
  1.        What is hair replacement?
  1.        Choosing a hair system
  •        The consultation: About the client, what his expectations are, budget, maintenance.
  •        Which hair system is right for the client? (Go over the different types of bases and why)
  •        DENSITY and LONGEVITY picks the base type.
  •        Color ring
  •        Adhesives and Tapes
  1.        Coloring and perming

When your clients want to have a different colors or texture, this course will teach you all the necessary skills to color the hair successfully.      

  1.        Making a mold & Custom Design

When a stock hair system won’t do the job, customization is a way to go. This course will show you how to make a mold step by step and do the custom design.

  •        Using mannequin, wrap, and tape, design custom template.
  •        LIVE MODEL
  1.        Scalp and Hair System Preparation

This step shows you how to prepare the scalp and the hair system to make it ready for an effective and successful installation.

  •        Removing labels and washing system
  •        Shampoo client and prepare with scalp prep
  •        Remove hair line
  1.        System installation, cutting and styling.   

In this course, you will learn what bonding method is best to use for different base materials and how to create a secure bond. Also, this course will show you how to cut the hair system to not only blend in with your existing hair but also to create a very fashionable hairstyle for your client.

  1.        Homecare Instructions

Instructions and tips to give to your client to care and maintain the hair system correctly at home.

  1.        Suggested pricing
  2.        Questions & Closing


Workshop KIT provided for the course

  1.          1 LaVivid Hair System – Mirage
  2.          1 Color Ring
  3.          1 bottle of Ghost Bond Glue
  4.          1 bottle of C22 Adhesive remover
  5.          1 Adhesive Brush
  6.          1 LaVivid Product catalog
  7.          1 Measuring Tape


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1. Kopf oben rasieren


2. Bereiten Sie die Kopfhaut für die Installation vor.


3. Klebebänder oder Klebstoff auftragen.


4. Das Haarsystem anbringen.


5. Die Basis bei Bedarf zuschneiden.


6. Schneiden und stylen