Professional Hair Lab 7-Step Travel Kit

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This 7 step travel kit comes complete with Professional Hair Labs 7 step preparation process and includes the following products:

 1 x Travel Bag

1 x Ultra-Safe 2oz

1 x GHOSTBuster 2oz

1 x Dual Action Shampoo 2oz

1 x PHL 5 Shampoo 2oz

1 x Remove-All 2oz

1 x Dermal Mud 2oz

1 x No Sweat 2oz

 Please note: This travel kit does not come with adhesive. It is recommended to purchase your adhesive choice separately. 

Ultra Safe: Ultra Safe has been specifically developed as an adhesive remover for skin, and is free from any harmful chemicals, toxins or other damaging ingredients. 

Ghost Buster: Ghost Buster is developed for use on hair systems only. This adhesive residue remover is designed to clean all types of hair systems whilst still protecting them from damage.

Dual Action Shampoo: Pro Hair Labs have specifically developed our New Demension Dual Action Shampoo to remove adhesive residue and refresh the scalp after removal of the hair system. Gently cleansing the skin, our dual action shampoo is designed to leave your skin feeling healthy, happy and refreshed.

PHL 5 Shampoo: Our renowned PHL 5 Shampoo is designed to be used on the hair system following cleaning with New Demension Dual Action Shampoo. This product restores the hair unit to its original, base state, removing every trace of adhesive, hair spray and any other styling product. It comes with our safety first guarantee, as well as a crisp, clean scent to make your hairpiece feel and smell its best.

Remove-All: To completely rejuvenate and exfoliate a tired or uncared for scalp, Pro Hair Labs Remove All is the perfect solution for a healthier head. This gentle yet effective exfoliating solution simply brushes away all traces of dead skin, leaving behind a glowingly healthy, well balanced scalp.

Dermal Mud: Sometimes your scalp just needs a bit more love and attention, and when you are having regular cosmetic bonding procedures performed, it is even more important to take care of the skin underneath. That’s why Pro Hair Labs have developed Dermal Mud – a non-invasive scalp mask to gently draw out toxins and oils from the scalp, leaving skin soft, healthy and rejuvenated.

No Sweat: Our No Sweat antiperspirant for the scalp has been designed to provide tough, effective oil control, suitable for every skin type. Pro Hair Labs know that the most problematic factor in ensuring good cosmetic bonding takes place is the ability for the hair adhesive to cure properly. If too much oil is secreted during the curing process, the wig adhesive will not bond effectively and could turn into an unsightly yellow goo in the process. 


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1. Kopf oben rasieren


2. Bereiten Sie die Kopfhaut für die Installation vor.


3. Klebebänder oder Klebstoff auftragen.


4. Das Haarsystem anbringen.


5. Die Basis bei Bedarf zuschneiden.


6. Schneiden und stylen